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It is unfortunate that this useful effective therapy for more than 100+ illnesses has not been well recognised in most English speaking countries including India, while Medical Ozone Therapy is widely accepted and well utilised for a variety of medical illnesses for 70 years successfully, in most Non-English speaking countries including Europe, South America, Russia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc., Relevant published medical articles can be accessed through PubMed.gov database which provides abstracts in English from publications from Non-English speaking countries.

Medical Ozone Therapy for Halting Progression in Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Detoxification Of Body And 100 + More Diseases. Ozone is triatomic oxygen. Oxygen has two atoms. Ozone is Energised Oxygen. Medical ozone is prepared by passing medical oxygen into a high quality grade glass double walled cylinder tube, and high electrical charge is applied which splits oxygen, and forms ozone with three atoms of oxygen.

This extra oxygen atom is unstable but is very active and accounts for the therapeutic benefits of Ozone Therapy. Ozone had to be administered as soon as it is generated and hence is prepared “On-Site”, just before the therapy session.

Medical Ozone Rejuvenates Detoxifies Improves general health status with better quality of life Controls or Reduces Pain in all painful conditions Stimulates the production of white blood cells Interferon levels are significantly increased Stimulates the production of tumour necrosis factor ( TNF ) Stimulates the secretion of IL-2 Kills most bacteria at low concentrations Is effective against all types of fungi Fights viruses in a variety of ways Is Antineoplastic Oxidizes arterial plaque Increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells Accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle Makes the anti-oxidant enzyme system more efficient Degrades petrochemicals WHY OZONE THERAPY FOR KIDNEY DISEASE, DIABETES, CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE? Because they all share similar Pathology Progression ie., each disease triggers the other two diseases. For example, The commonest cause for Kidney disease is Diabetes. Saving Kidney function saves the Heart function.

Ozone Therapy is effective on all these three diseases irrespective of the stage of the disease, when the Ozone Therapy is begun. Ozone Therapy can be used as sole therapy or as a complimentary therapy while continuing their current treatment regime. In Kidney disease, hypertension is well controlled, less fluid retention, reduction in urine protein excretion, better anemia control, lesser erythropoietin injections (if they are already on), and kidney damage is halted or postponed. The need for long term dialysis treatment is postponed. It can be given for patients on peritoneal or haemodialysis.

In diabetics, better glucose control is achieved, better HbAlc stability, lesser insulin dose or oral medications, prevents or postpones kidney/ retina/ nerve damage. In coronary artery disease, the vessel blockage is reduced or removed, opens up the coronary arteries thus improving blood supply to the heart muscle. Blood cells become more flexible and blood flows more smoothly, which can help in the prevention of heart attacks. All groups feel symptomatically better.

Ozone can regenerate glomerulus (Funtioning unit of Kidney). Enforces the decomposition of fats thus helping lower levels of cholesterol and “bad fats” in the body. Ozone oxidizes and pulvarises the plaque in arteries allowing the removal of the breakdown products, unclogging vessels.

Other diseases which will respond to Medical Ozone Therapy are given below: Peripheral Artery Disease, Atherosclerosis Immunodeficiency/Immunity Related Diseases All Viral Infections e.g. (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, CMV etc.,) Bacterial Infections Including MRSA Fungal Infections Protozoa Infections (Recurrent Malaria, Amoebiasis) Inflammatory Conditions (Crohn’s Disease) Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Ankylosing Spondylitis Psoriasis Skin Diseases Parkinsonism Age Related Diseases including MACULAR DEGENERATION Gingivitis Gastrointestinal Tract Diseases Additive Therapy in Neoplastic Diseases Any Chronic Disease that has not Responded to Other Treatments Ozone Dentistry is a speciality administered by Trained Ozone-Dentist.

Ozone Nucleolysis for Lumbar/Cervical Spine Disc Prolapse is a very effective procedure for up to 90% of patients (80% will respond with 5ml Medical Ozone/Oxygen gas in the disc and 3ml in the facet joint with one injection – Another 10% will need a second injection after 3 months).

This procedure can be done by only trained Orthopaedic Surgeon/Neurosurgeon/Anaesthetist and is an outpatient procedure and is done in operation theatre with ‘CT-arm control’ to monitor the injection precision. This treatment is not yet available in East Coast Hospital (but available in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata etc). If symptoms persist due to remaining disc prolapse, surgery is needed. (This information is given for public awareness and this is a very valuable procedure with minimal trauma or pain) Contraindications for Ozone Therapy are Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase Insufficiency Ozone Allergy Pregnancy Recent Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Cardiovascular Instability Active Hyperthyroidism Thrombocytopenia TREATMENT OFFERED: 1. OZONE DIALYSIS (EBOO) THERAPY Commenced in October 2013 : OZONE DIALYSIS is WHOLE-BODY-BLOOD OXYGENATION THERAPY and is the most efficient oxidative therapy that is known so far, wherein whole body blood volume is passed through a dialysis cartridge (like dialysis for End Stage Renal Failure patients) over a period of one hour. Dark venous blood is drawn from one arm and bright red oxygenated blood is reinfused through the other arm.


Usually in the first treatment session itself, patient will feel the benefits and definitely within the first 4 therapy sessions. These sessions can be given once or twice a week as indicated by the patient’s clinical condition. The total number of sessions needed depends on the severity of the illness which can be multiple in the same patient. Ozone dialysis can be given for ESRD patients immediately after the haemodialysis session. Eboo Dark venous blood can be seen in the dialyser cartridge during ozone dialysis and well oxygenated blood from the cartridge is returned to the patient continuously for 1 hour.

Ozone dialysis is the best method to oxygenate the blood volume of the whole body. The therapeutic benefits by ozone dialysis cannot be achieved by other methods. OZONE Dialysis (EBOO) Therapy can correct and bring to normal levels whenever the lipids and/or uric acid are elevated irrespective of the duration, severity or cause of the ailment, in about 4 sessions.

Ozone (ozone/oxygen mixture) does not enter the blood column as a gas but diffuses through the hollow fiber and superoxgenates the blood as seen in the image above. Indications: eboo Conditions that will benefit from EBOO (Ozone Dialysis)/’Div’ therapy are: ARTERY BLOCKAGE DISEASES (Coronary, leg, neck arteries) – Patients with stents accepted LIPID DISORDERS of any severity and in particular triglycerides elevation not responding to therapy KIDNEY DISEASE in all stages including patients on dialysis procedures DIABETES complications: retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy VIRUS diseases: Herpes all types, HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, CMV LIVER disorders including CIRRHOSIS of the liver, irrespective of the cause LUNG TUBERCULOSIS multiple-drug resistant type CANCERS all types – improvement in quality of life CHEMOTHERAPY dose can be halved thus reducing the adverse effects MRSA (Methicillinb Reesistant Staphylococcus Aureus) & other infections TUBERCUOLSIS (multi-drug-resistant) ARMD – age related macular degeneration PARKINSONS DIESEASE (early stage RESPONDS BETTER) RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS OSTEOARTHRITIS (degenerative or other causes) GOUT arthritis/HYPERURICEMIA irrespective of the cause-uric acid level is reduced LUNG Interstitial Fibrosis disease – generally progressive disorder CALCIPHYLAXIS non-healing ulcers (in long term haemodialysis patients) DIABETIC FOOT/LEG non-healing wounds (avoids amputation) AGE-RELATED DISORDERS including Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular Dementia POLYNEUROPATHY due to any cause (motor and sensory types including demyelinating type) CHRONIC ILLNESS DUE TO ANY CAUSE that has not responded to other treatments BRAIN disorders due to inadequate blood supply including ‘brain fog’ LYME DISEASE MULTIPLE LIPOMAS/MEDELUNG’S DISEASE LICHEN PLANUS And Many More…… Treatment Schedule: FOURTEEN (14) EBOO SESSIONS ONCE OR TWICE OR THRICE A WEEK COMPLETES THE FULL COURSE 2. OZONE BAGGING In ‘Ozone Bagging’ procedure, the wound is cleaned, slough is removed and requisite debridement is done PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF OZONE BAGGING SESSIONS. Debridement prepares the wound area to absorb ozone/oxygen gas better.

At the commencement of the session, the affected limb is wiped with saline to wet the limb. 100ml normal saline is fed to the ozone-resistant-plastic bag with elastic strap on the top. After wetting the limb and enclosing the limb in the bag, AIR IS SUCKED from the bag with suction device, and immediately freshly prepared OZONE/OXYGEN GAS produced by the ozone generator in a concentration of 65mcgm/ml is fed into the bag to inflate the bag to the extent possible with strap in the top holding the ozone gas which is constantly pumped for about half to 1 hour, avoiding over-inflation and if indicated small silicone tube outlet is kept inside the top of the bag to let out excess ozone/oxygen gas.

The session has to be done in a well ventilated room daily for 4-6 weeks. Ozone delivery tubing is made of silicone which is ozone resistant. When the session has been completed the tube and the bag are removed. OZONE OIL is applied to the wound and non-adherent sterile dressing is applied and the wound bandaged. Ozone bagging has to be done daily for several weeks (4-8 weeks) and as healing becomes evident the ozone concentration is reduced to 40mcgm/ml and the treatment continues until full healing is achieved. Amputation can be avoided by the ozone bagging. This procedure has been made available in East Coast Hospital since Dec 2013. ozone_bag 3. DIRECT INTRAVENOUS OZONE GAS 2.5% / MEDICAL OXYGEN 97.5% INJECTION (‘DIV’) USING A DIGITAL PUMP TO DELIVER WITH SAFETY AND ACCURACY. (NO NITROGEN IN THE GAS MIXTURE) ‘DIV’ therapy is given for all the conditions mentioned above. Medical Ozone Therapy is Very Effective Detoxifier, Chelator for Mercury From Brain and Nervous Tissue in Patients with Mercury Amalgum Filled Teeth with Nonspecific Chronic Ill-Health Syndromes, which cannot be achieved by any other means.

Medical Ozone Therapy is Very Effective Energiser, Anti-Ageing Agent, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Anti-Parasitic, Immune-Modulator, Oxidative Stress Combatant, Has Local Analgesic Effect as well as with Systemic Therapeutic Effect, and is Very Effective in Ischemic States Due to any cause. div DIV (Direct Intravenous Ozone/oxygen Gas Injection ) Is not offered in East Coast Hospital since October 2013. 4. INTRA-ARTICULAR OZONE INJECTION/ PROLOZONE THERAPY is now offered for KNEE DISEASES such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, ‘Meniscus Tear’ etc. thus giving an opportunity for healing without surgical procedures. Response varies in each patient, but there is good chance that surgical intervention may not be needed. In Intra-articular Ozone Injection, freshly prepared Ozone/Oxygen Gas is injected after injecting lidocaine. Usually steroid is not needed. Treatment Schedule: Usually 4-5 treatments sessions are needed once a week for both mode of therapy, and the healing effect will become obvious by the pain-relief achieved. If appropriate, some of these patients will be eligible to receive ‘DIV Therapy’ (Direct Intravenous Ozone/Oxygen Gas) for about 40 sessions over 4-8 weeks for its systemic effect to improve from other ailments that they may have. How does Ozone act: (From Prof. V. BOCCI’s Book: ‘OZONE’ 2005)– Ozone is a potent oxidant reacts with molecules present in biological fluids, such as antioxidants, proteins, carbohydrates, and preferentially, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).

In the initial reaction some ozone is consumed during oxidation of ascorbic acid, uric acid, sulfhydryl groups of proteins and glyco proteins, including albumin. This reaction generates ‘reactive oxygen species (ROS), which triggers several biochemical pathways. ROS is neutralized within 1 min by the antioxidant system. ROSs: acts on Erythrocytes and improves oxygen delivery, on Leucocytes for immune-activation, and on Platelets for release of autacoids and growth factors.

Hydrogen Peroxide is the most important ROS. As soon as ozone dissolves in plasma and reacts with PUFAs and diffuses quickly into erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets and triggers several biochemical pathways. It becomes as water in plasma and intra-cellular water due to powerful antioxidant enzymes like catalyses, glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and free reduced glutathione.

Hydrogen peroxide acts as one of ozone messengers in its therapeutic range. LOPs (Lipid Oxidation Products) inform specific cell receptors of minimal and calculated oxidative stress eliciting adaptive response. Interaction among antioxidants, enzymes and metabolic system allows rapid regeneration and maintenance of normal antioxidant status. LOPs acts on Endothelium to increase release of ‘NO’, on Bone Marrow for generation of super-gifted erythrocytes and release of stem cells, and on Other Organs for up regulation of Oxidative Stress Proteins, Antioxidant Enzymes (Ozone tolerance).

Blood in comparison to lungs is much more ozone-resistant and thus does not sustain damage. Ozone Therapist: Dr Rabindranth thanks Dr Howard Robins, of New York, USA My Chief Mentor, who has done more than 120,000 ‘DIV so far and his guidance on an on-going basis has been very valuable. AND Dr Steve Hanson of Natra-Heal Clinic, of Johannesburg, South Africa with active DIV’ program for his guidance. After 22+ more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, Ed McCabe, popularly known as Mr Oxygen, wrote it all down and taped it all. His Book ‘Flood Your Body with Oxygen’ is worth reading and is highly recommended for non-professional lay public for fuller awareness of benefits of oxidative therapy. Dr Rabindranath thanks Leeda McCabe for email discussions to know her personal experiences of DIV injection which was very helpful in commencement of DIV in Pondicherry. Dr Rabindranath wishes to thank Dr Silvia Menendez, of Ozone Research Center, Havana, Cuba for her giving me opportunity to witness in person in March 2011 for two weeks the excellent clinical cases being provided for patients with several types of Ozone Therapy.

It is probably the busiest outpatient ozone therapy clinic in the world and no fee is payable by the patients. The Ozone Research Center allows medical practitioners from any part of the world to gain first hand skills and experience in administering ozone therapy for a variety of ailments of chronic diseases. I appreciate with gratitude for the goodwill, warmth, and teaching skills of Dr.Silvia Menendez and her colleagues and the nursing team of Ozone Research Center. Dr Rabindranath wishes to thank Dr Chandra IRAWAN of BALI OZONE CENTER for allowing me to watch the protocols of EBOO therapy procedure for a week in the last week of August 2013, and for his prompt email correspondence when I seek his guidance in the various aspects of EBOO therapy protocols and am grateful for his ongoing support he provides whenever I seek his guidance. B

ALI OZONE CENTRE is a busy clinic which provides several EBOO sessions daily in addition to Glutathione injections, Colon Cleanse procedure followed by rectal ozone insufflations, Major autohemotherapy procedures. It is well patronised by International Clientele. My visit to Bali and my personal interaction with him is a great help for the EBOO therapy project in East Coast Hospitals Pondy. Dr Gopal Rabindranath thanks Prof Velio BOCCI, Emeritus Professor of the University of Siena, Italy for his valuable comments and guidance for my EBOO Therapy procedures.

Prof Bocci is the acknowledged World Leader in Ozone Therapy Research.

Dr. G. Rabindranath, MBBS, FRCP (GLASGOW), Senior Consultant Nephrologist for Second Opinion

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