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Stem Cell Therapy

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Latest addition to the armamentarium of health services in East Coast Hospital is the launch of “Stem Cells” in the management of various diseases of different specialities, including End Organ Failures such as Cirrhosis of liver, Aplastic Anaemia etc. This advanced treatment modality has become possible in collaboration with Emprocell Clinical Research Private Limited, a pioneer in this field.

About Emprocell Clinical Research Private Limited

Established in April 2006, is committed to apply emerging biotechnological methods for the treatment of human diseases. Emprocell possesses diverse experience of treating patients for over 25 years by an approved technology based on the law since 1999 on stem cell clinic in Ukraine. We are boastful of our technical strength in having treated more than 5000 patients in Ukraine owing to our 17 patents and over 250 international publications.

We aim to spearhead the clinical study focused on the production biologically safety progenitor cell and tissue extracts for effective treatment for a host of diseases. We, through our ultra – modern and unique technology have the potential to have an improved quality of life for a patient battling liver cirrhosis, auto immune disorder, neurodegenerative disorder, chronic ischemia etc.,

We stand strong on our belief that Stem Cells are the “cells for new life” through collaborations in the scientific research of Stem Cells and other modes of Biotechnology.

Dr. G. Vijay Anand Kumar

Specialty/Specialization: Consultant Stem Cell Therapist Area of Interest: Stem cell therapy

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