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Eastcoast has Intensive Cardiac Care Unit which provides treatment for a full range of urgent and complex cardiac conditions like heart attack, acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, acute heart failure, complex arrhythmias and other emergency cardiac conditions, using precision computerized monitoring systems.

ICCU contains extensive heart monitoring and testing equipment as well as a staff trained and certified in heart conditions and procedures and their aftermath.

Our ICCUs are designed to limit stress to patients during the initial, critical phase of their treatment. Visitors are typically restricted to immediate family members, and visiting hours are often limited to two or three short periods of time per day. Food and other items brought from outside the hospital, are usually prohibited as well. Patients in ICCUs tend to be on supervised diets, to avoid introducing potential infection-causing bacteria into the environment.

Patients at ICCU are connected to heart monitors, and some patients also require ventilators to assist their breathing. Additionally, a variety of tests are often done during a stay in the ICCU, such as blood work or electrocardiograms, which measures the electrical activity of the heart. Many different cardiac medications may be given, including those to treat heart failure or to reduce the workload of the heart.


Patient Monitor with Dual IBP Cables

Central Monitor


Syringe Pump

ECG Machine

Ventilator ICCU


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